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Inspiring ideas for a boho laundry room

How to achieve a boho laundry style in your home

Curating your laundry area with bohemian-inspired techniques offers a fusion of distinctive, eye-catching layers and warm, natural elements.

Boho laundry room ideas are one of the trending concepts that many people are attracted to, grounded in nature but flexible enough to allow your unique style and personality to shine through, too.

  • Simplistic murals or coloured arches (semi-circles) are also one of the most popular trends in Boho-style laundry rooms.
  • Baskets in different shapes and sizes that are both decorative and functional can surprisingly turn your laundry room into a remarkably chic boho space.
  • Adding intricate tiles, a rustic ladder, and pops of bold colour are excellent additions to your boho laundry room design. You can add earthy tones and warm brown hues to add depth.
  • Deeper shades for your benchtops, such as mahogany or other woods, blend in beautifully to create a charming, comfortable, and beautiful space. 
  • Hanging decorative plants are not only a great way to add some earthy texture to the space, but also help purify the air.
  • A vibrant ceiling pendant in your laundry room will also give a chic, bohemian feel. 
  • Use lighter neutral shades on the walls to lift and freshen up your space, and to ensure it doesn’t become too dark.
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If you are planning to design a Hamptons style bathroom, these are key elements to consider.

When selecting bathroom elements, aake a note of the choice of colour palette, types of materials used, and the vanity, shower, or tub that will be added.

The feeling of space is also crucial for the Hamptons-style bathroom. So let elements of the design flow and ensure the decor is simplistic and classy. Thus, refinement must be an important element when re-creating the look of a Hamptons bathroom. It should be subtle and enhanced with a relaxed and natural style. 

Reduce your bathroom accessories to a minimum to prevent clutter, making clever use of space with effective storage solutions. Experiment using neutral shades that complement the space organically as well as soft and subtle pops of colour.

Take a look at the following design ideas for creating a stylish bathroom, that is inspired by the homes off the coast in The Hamptons.