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Luxuriously practical and beautiful laundry rooms

Add a little glam to your laundry room with these luxury laundry room designs

Add a little glam to your laundry room with these luxury laundry room designs

Laundry rooms may not be the highest item on your interior design wishlist; still, these luxurious laundry room designs will convince you otherwise!

A classic, clean look compliments their luxe appeal, while maintaining practicality and function - perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind.

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How to design the luxurious laundry room of your dreams

  • Plenty of storage is necessary for a luxurious laundry room, so ensure you have a range of storage solutions to meet all your requirements.
  • Open shelving and hooks are great options if you don't have enough space, while chic baskets can help you keep things organised. And keep practically top of mind, too: moving clothes around is much more manageable with hampers that have wheels!
  •  Add  lighting to create a luxurious laundry room vibe. The size of the room will determine how much light you need. Fluorescents are a cost-effective and efficient way to lighten your space. The best option is to use ceiling lights for ambient lighting with the addition of under cabinet task lighting.
  • Don't forget to keep functionality in mind as you design your luxurious laundry room. Consider your workflow, from loading the washer and dryer to folding and preparing laundry. It is essential to have a large sink for washing and drying clothes. You can also include a drying rack or clothing rod so that items can be hung immediately.
  • Another method to add colour and individuality to your laundry room is through artwork. One large piece of art or a vintage poster can serve as a stylish focal point of the room.

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